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Sita Domestic Ultra Violet (UV) Systems

Sita AL Domestic Range

Sita AL Domestic Range

The AL range of UV's are WRAS approved giving up to 60 litres per minute. The lamps give a full 1 year life span and are inexepnsive to replace.

The systems come with a simple power supply with green LED (working) and red LED (failure).

The housing is constructed from 304 mirror finish stainless steel.

Typical Applications

•Drinking water from wells, springs & other intreated supplies

•Water filtration and treatment plants

•Fish farms, for the control of micro-organisms

•Algae control in ponds and general aquatic use

•Re-circulating loops and high purity water systems

Sita  AL Domestic Range

Sita AL Domestic Range

Ref: 4069

Sita AL 24 Volt Range

Sita AL 24 Volt Range

Ref: 1655

Pallas UV Lamp to suit Sita UV Range

Ref: 3189

Quartz Sleeve for Sita UV Range

Ref: 3190

Sita AL Range O-Ring Seal Kit

Price: 4.20 (5.04 Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 4077

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