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Choosing Your Pre-Filters

Choosing your pre-filters

Choosing your pre-filters

Membranes require pre-filtration to 5 micron and chlorine removal.

We offer single and 2 pre-filter options.

The single filter options use the new Fibredyne CFB-plus filters that are a combined sediment and carbon filter.

Very low pressure drop even as it absorbs sediment due to its unique structure. Less pressure drop means better membrane performance. Less maintenance as only one filter to change, and lower initial cost. Perfect choice for tap pressure installations.

Higher cost for filters compared to traditional sediment and carbon block filters.

The 2 pre-filter options use traditional sediment and carbon block filters.

Cost effective, easy to source, good choice where a pump is being used.

Higher initial cost, more maintenance time, high initial pressure drop which gets worse as the filters start to clog.

Both options are available in 10" and 20" versions.

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